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empowering users with simplicity

Infinite Exploration

This is a text-based adventure game where the world you're exploring is collaboratively created by all the players!

Like any text-based game, you use simple commands to explore and interact with the world, and move from one scene to the next. But what happens when you come upon a room which hasn't been created, yet? It's your turn to create! Players are invited to write the room description of any room they stumble upon if no one has written it, yet.

It's an introvert's multiplayer online game - the world you're exploring was entirely created by other players, but players don't actually interact with each other beyond leaving behind stories and artifacts. It is a decidedly non-social game, so players can explore peacefully and at their own pace.



This is a picture-based "alternative social media platform" to replace instagram. It's decentralized, self-hosted, and organizes information in a way that encourages users to think about what matters most to them, instead of just posting about what is "happening now".

Rather than a newsfeed, with a rapid onslaught of posts competing for your attention, 333focus keeps things focused by narrowing down how many pictures each user displays. Think of it more as a shelf in your living room, with a curated collection of family photos. Except instead of family photos, you might have your favorite memes, posters of your favorite concerts, or infographics about the causes that matter most to you. Whatever categories you decide. There are 9 galleries, so you can choose 9 topics. And each gallery contains 9 pictures.

Staying Focused

As companies battle for our attention, the 333focus layout helps users stay focused both as users hosting their own gallery, and veiwers browsing other people's galleries.

The geometry of 333focus puts emphasis on certain pictures, and certain galleries. So, by choosing which galleries and which pictures you're putting first, you're not just showing the world random crap you just posted, but the things that are most important to you.

And because posts and images are only listed by order of importance, there are no dates or times to distract users with irrelevant data. Dates and times emphasize how recent something is, which is often irrelevant, but by posting dates and times everywhere people start to feel like they need to be "first". They need to post first, and often, to remain relevant. On 333focus, you could just curate a nice gallery to represent what matters to you, and just come change it a bit from time to time when it suits you.



Openbook is a faceless facebook made to allow a social media type of experience without any individual identities. The website is sorted by hashtags, and allows any user to add tags to previous posts to help each other organize information. There are no usernames or individual identities, so everyone can speak their mind as Anonymous.

The format of Openbook allows for a steady stream of posts, a shared newsfeed that appears the same for every user, and the ability to upvote and downvote posts, as well as the ability to share posts. The posts can be upvoted or downvoted any number of times, so the score on a post doesn't really mean anything. But the frequency with which a post is brought to "everyone's" attention is up to anyone, because if anyone clicks "share" on any post, it pops up on the top again. It's a democratic way to give everyone a voice by allowing anyone the chance to say anything and come up on the top, however briefly, and giving everyone else the ability to "boost" any other post to the top at any time by "sharing" it.



Before images on the Internet, there was ASCII Art! ASCII was an early standardized character encoding, and ASCII Art meant using the characters of the different letters to create pictures from the text!

ASCIIwith.us is a fun way to create ASCII Art in a public place where other people can see it and add to it! It also creates an endless world of ASCII Art because any character can be converted into a link - a door to another screen - by just hitting ENTER. The possibilities are truly endless!

The website also refreshes (although not very fast) so you can see someone else typing if they are on the same screen as you! You can invite your friends to the same screen, and draw a picture together, or play a game like tic-tac-toe or boxes together!


mail: freelunchz -at- tuta [dot]io